Gum Recession Treatment

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Gum Recession Treatment in Vancouver

If your gums have receded, leaving you with a less-than-desirable smile, the team at Oasis Dental would love to help you smile with confidence again. One of our cosmetic dentistry services that improve the appearance of your smile, as well as your oral health, is gum recession treatment in Vancouver.

Using this therapy, we can help you:

  • Restore your gums to their former glory.
  • Make better first impressions when socializing.
  • Avoid embarrassment at work.
  • Feel more relaxed and comfortable in romantic moments.
  • Boost your overall self-image.

As you restore your gum health, you can also save money by joining our Oasis Dental Wellness Plan, which includes a 20 percent discount on periodontal treatment. Call us today at 360-695-3369 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located on Southeast 15th Street, not far from Target. For your convenience, we’re open as early as 7 a.m.

Protect Your Teeth with

Our Gum Treatment

Don’t let your gums ruin the impression you make on others. Having an attractive smile is an important asset in both your social life and professional circles. But healthy gums are also an essential part of keeping your natural teeth strong and sturdy. If you’re suffering from receded gums – whether from disease, injury, aging, or genetics – hope is available to you through two beneficial treatments from Oasis Dental:

This innovative procedure doesn’t require any cutting or stitching to get your gums back into shape. Your dentist will first make a tiny hole in your gumline. Then, using specialized instruments, he will manipulate healthy gum tissue so that more of your teeth are covered by it. Collagen will also be placed inside the tissue to hold it in place. The procedure is very comfortable, and only one visit is usually needed.

Instead of a traditional gum graft for gum recession therapy, your dentist will use a gentle laser on your diseased gum tissue to regenerate new, healthy tissue without any cutting or stitching. Plus, the procedure is completely painless and takes only a few minutes.

Both of these procedures are time-tested and have been used widely to help patients with receding gums. Dr. Aldridge, Dr. Madani, or Dr. Combe will discuss the specifics of each and help you decide which one will work better for your circumstances.

Protect your oral health and your smile with our gum recession treatment in Vancouver, Call Oasis Dental today at 360-695-3369 to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule online.