At Oasis Dental, we believe in providing each of our patients the kind of dental experience that will leave a positive lasting impression. This same philosophy holds true for wisdom teeth extractions just like it does for any of our other fantastic services.

For many of our patients, their wisdom teeth emerge without causing any problems. For others, when these “third molars” appear, usually between the ages of 17 and 25, they can cause problems by coming through in the wrong positions or at the wrong angle. This can lead to crowding and jeopardize the health of your other teeth and gums.

If this is the case for you, your wisdom teeth must be removed. Unlike some dentist offices that refer out certain wisdom teeth cases, we can handle yours no matter the situation. You’ll receive great care whether your wisdom teeth are a straightforward case or are impacted.

We want your visit with us to be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. One of our skilled dentists will make sure you’re completely numb before doing any work. You can also choose sedation to calm any lingering dental anxiety if desired. We offer:

  • Inhaled sedation with laughing gas.
  • Oral conscious sedation using a small pill.
  • IV sedation that will put you in a sleep-like state.

If you need wisdom teeth removal in Ridgefield, call Oasis Dental today at 360-727-0335 for an appointment, or you can schedule online.