Don’t Try This at Home, Save Your Teeth


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If there was ever anything not to try at home, it’s this party trick demonstrated by Hailey Bieber. As dentists, watching her opening a bottle with her teeth makes us cringe. Opening anything with your teeth is a risky maneuver, given that it can cause dental damage like a break or crack. While we may be able to save your teeth with restorations like crowns, it is much easier to just prevent the damage in the first place. 

You should also avoid crunching down on ice, popcorn kernels, and other hard substances. If you play sports, see us about a custom-made mouthguard. If you grind your teeth, we can fit you for you a mouthguard that keeps you from doing so. 

We’ll check your teeth for signs of damage during every exam at Oasis Dental. If we see any, we’ll recommend a restorative treatment. It’s important to repair even small issues like small chips or cracks. Left untreated, bacteria can get inside your tooth through these openings and cause your pulp to become infected. 

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