Visit Us For Preventive Dentistry Before The Year Ends!


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Most people with dental insurance have until December 31 to take advantage of all the benefits included in their plan. 

By visiting your Vancouver, WA dentist for a routine cleaning and exam now, you not only receive this invaluable preventive dental treatment at no additional cost, but you also give yourself time to take full advantage of your insurance benefits for any restorative care you might need if we find a problem with your teeth during your appointment.

There are some things your toothbrush and dental floss can’t do, which is why visiting the dentist every six months for cleanings, exams, and X-rays is an essential part of maintaining a bright, healthy smile.

Why not save money in the process?

Schedule your next oral hygiene appointment before it’s too late to get the most out of your dental insurance benefits! Call Oasis Dental in Vancouver, WA at 360-695-3369 or in Ridgefield, WA at 360-727-0335 to make an appointment. You can schedule your visit online

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