Treat Your Sleep Apnea in 2022


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If you wake up feeling exhausted, or have been told that you snore loudly, you might be dealing with sleep apnea. One of the most common types is obstructive sleep apnea. While it’s normal for your tongue and throat to relax as you are asleep, if it happens too much they can block your air passages temporarily. Your brain will wake you up so you can get air again, but when you fall back asleep, the cycle starts over again throughout the night. Watch the video below to get a good idea of what goes on in your body with sleep apnea.

It’s time to treat your sleep apnea this year. We can help you solve this problem with a custom-fit oral appliance that you wear while you sleep. It will gently push your jaw forward to keep your airway passages open. That way you’ll finally get a good night’s sleep and feel rested during the day. 

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