There’s Still Time to Get a Mouthguard for Spring Sports!


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Last month, we told you why an athletic mouthguard is only as good as its fit, and a custom fit is best!

Today, now that spring is officially here, we’re reminding you to visit us for a custom-made athletic mouthguard for your family’s star player!

You should be able to enjoy the season watching from the stands, cheering your child’s team on to victory, not rushing them to the dentist for an emergency appointment because their teeth and gums didn’t have adequate protection against injuries. We can provide superior support with a comfortable, high-quality mouthguard you’ll never find in a store!

Call Oasis Dental in Vancouver, WA at 360-695-3369 or in Ridgefield, WA at 360-727-0335 to make an appointment. You can schedule your visit online

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