Relieve Tooth Pain & Headaches Before The Holidays


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We have just a couple of weeks to get ready for the holidays.

For many of us, it’s a happy time. For others, it’s a real headache.

While we can’t do anything to help with the stress that comes with the season, we can definitely offer some relief if your headaches, tooth pain, jaw soreness, and other symptoms are related to TMJ problems. 

Your TMJ is the joint that controls the movement of your jaw, and it can create many unpleasant problems for your comfort, your smile, and your oral health when it malfunctions.

Watch our video to hear Dr. Madani explain some of the benefits of a custom mouthguard. You might be surprised to learn that they aren’t just for athletes! They can also heal a misaligned jaw joint to relieve painful symptoms of teeth grinding and TMJ disorders so you can have a more enjoyable holiday season!

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