It’s the Perfect Time to Visit Your Vancouver Family Dentist


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Why now, you ask?

Because school is almost out, and you can enjoy the extra time with the kids with peace of mind that their routine checkups are out of the way.

Summer is an ideal time to schedule dental appointments for your family! as it offers a break from school and work routines. This allows for more flexibility in scheduling appointments and reduces the likelihood of missed appointments due to conflicting obligations. 

Also, summer activities such as sports, camps, and vacations often involve sugary treats and can increase the risk of dental issues, making it important to have a check-up and cleaning.

Schedule your family’s checkups today! Call Oasis Dental in Vancouver, WA at 360-695-3369 or in Ridgefield, WA at 360-727-0335 to make an appointment. You can schedule your visit online

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