Dental Implants Have Changed False Teeth Forever!


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Tomorrow is National False Teeth Day, and it’s not just a time to raise awareness about the importance of taking good care of your teeth.

It’s a day to celebrate how far restorative dentistry has come for those who’ve already suffered the consequences of tooth loss. 

While traditional dentures are still a viable option for many, they’re no longer the only one. Thanks to innovations in tooth replacement, you can pair dentures with dental implants, artificial tooth roots that make false teeth nearly as stable, sturdy, and lasting as natural teeth!

When you visit our skilled dentists at Oasis Dental, you can discover an array of implant solutions that will restore your oral health and function, as well as your confidence and quality of life.

And that’s something worth celebrating! Call Oasis Dental in Vancouver, WA at 360-695-3369 or in Ridgefield, WA at 360-727-0335 to make an appointment. You can schedule your visit online