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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth have a high potential for being problematic, so many patients choose to have them removed before issues arise. Known as wisdom teeth, this third set of molars is the final teeth to come into place. Though scientists believe they were once necessary, they are generally considered no longer necessary for our diet and they rarely have the space necessary to correctly come in position bringing on multiple complications. Our team at Oasis Dental will review the status of your wisdom teeth and make recommendations based on your specific needs, which may include removal.

Why are Wisdom Teeth problematic?

If you are like most people, you would not choose to have oral surgery if it seems unnecessary. Wisdom teeth are generally removed in young adulthood, which is often before they seem to be a problem. This may cause confusion in patients, who may feel that the teeth should remain in place until the problem arises. This is not ideal, allowing wisdom teeth to stay until they are a notable problem, may be after the damage is already done.

For most patients, the size of the jaw is not large enough to support the third set of molars coming in, so they push against neighboring teeth, adjusting their alignment or the wisdom teeth are incapable of coming fully in, stay partially under the gums meaning they are impacted. Both of these results may not be discovered until the damage has already taken place.

Additionally, you want to have your wisdom teeth removed before the root has grown long, often forming a hook shape making it more difficult and painful to remove. We want to save our patients discomfort and recommend that they have their wisdom teeth removed before the age of 25. The best age range for wisdom teeth removal is generally between the ages of 17-25, this is when enough of the tooth is present to remove, but before the roots have fully grown.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

If possible, it is best to have all four wisdom teeth removed in one procedure. Some patients may have any number removed in multiple procedures. The extraction of wisdom teeth is most often a surgical extraction, meaning cuts are made in the tissue to fully remove the tooth.

Surgical extractions frequently require the quartering of the tooth, and then lifting and removing the tooth in sections. This process can be uncomfortable, and even painful. Patients are given the appropriate level of anesthesia before surgery specific to their needs.

Post Extraction

Following the extraction of any tooth, there will be a period of healing. We will review symptoms to be watchful of including excessive bleeding, swelling, fever, and other signs of infection. We will also ask that you not drink with a straw, which can remove the needed blood clot, and avoid touching the surgical site with fingers or your tongue. The first day or two can be uncomfortable, and we ask that you follow all care instructions and take any prescribed medication as directed.

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