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Should You Be Wearing a Mouthguard When Playing Sports?

Posted on 3/25/2019 by Matt Aldridge DDS
Should You Be Wearing a Mouthguard When Playing Sports?Not everyone wears a mouthguard when they are out playing sports, but everyone should. Sometimes they believe it is because they are not the target of anything that could damage their teeth, while other times it is because they do not even think about that type of danger.

Your teeth can take a beating during any type of sport, from swimming and the dangers of chlorine, to equestrian sports where your teeth may hit together. This does not even include the realistic dangers you could face playing a contact sport. If you want to protect your teeth, then a mouthguard is a good investment to make.

What Types of Mouthguards Are Out There?

There are several types of mouthguards available on the market, each with different goals. Some of them are to reduce grinding your teeth, while others are to help you be able to breathe easier. Then there are ones that are specifically made for those who play sports. These are the ones you want to look into.

You can get ones that are generic, c-shaped devices at a drug store. Then you also have the ones that you boil and put into your mouth while still quite warm to let them mold to your mouth to some degree. These are better than the generic ones, but still not very good.

Ideally, for those who play sports regularly, you want one from our office. We custom-make the mouthguard for your specific mouth by using a mold of your exact smile. This then protects your teeth from hitting together, and can even protect your teeth some if you take a hit to the face.

When you are playing sports, you need to include the health of your teeth at the same time. Find out what mouthguard options we can offer by calling our office today!
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